Inaugural Postsurgical Pain Congress
March 8-10, 2013
Orlando, Florida


As you may be aware, the current state of the science for managing postsurgical pain represents an enormous cost and patient safety burden for surgery centers and hospitals. The mission of the Postsurgical Pain Congress is to raise awareness regarding—and ultimately develop and disseminate best practices for—improving postsurgical pain management, patient safety, patient satisfaction, and health economic outcomes.

Of the available postsurgical pain management standards of care and guidelines, 2 of the guidelines are outdated, there are alarming gaps in knowledge and practice in how postsurgical pain is managed across the US healthcare continuum, and there are no plans by surgery or hospital stakeholder organizations to develop standardized guidelines for postsurgical pain management best practices. This presents an opportunity to make an exceptional contribution to this area of practice; an endeavor that can only be accomplished with direct involvement of and guidance from key opinion leaders.


Girishi Joshi

Girish Joshi, MD

David Beck

David E. Beck, MD